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Telecom Services

White Capers offers highly advanced statistical modeling solutions in the telecom domain. Our team consists of statistical experts and professionals who have spent considerable time in delivering high performance models to various geographies. With focus on capturing most of the customer behaviour, our solutions ensure that we capture target customers each time, every time.

Cross-sell strategies:

We work on demographic, transactional and bureau data to use our expertise to devise variable that can capture customer's propensity to buy multiple products of the company. White Capers offers high value Telecom Analytics and Modeling services to help organizations design develop and deploy result oriented cross sell strategies to help them understand their customers better.

Collection and Recovery strategies:

Using both linear and non-linear approaches to statistical modeling, we work on models that dramatically increase the ability to collect monies from the customers. Using very detailed methodologies and simulations we capture the propensities of a customer to pay the company as well as the likely amounts the customer can be negotiated with. The insights go even further when self-cures are differentiated from potential long term delinquent accounts thereby maximizing collections at a minimal of cost. Some of the products that we offer include- Collection models for non-delinquent customers, Roll Back models for delinquent customers, and Recovery models.

Churn Modeling:

With the growing competition, and the overlap of business models with many non-competitors, consumers have the option of switching the service provider. Appreciating the customer acquisition cost and the efforts required in converting a subscriber into a buyer, the most preferred strategy for a company to sustain cash flows is to (a) identify customers who are more likely to churn out of the service, and (b) then make an optimal effort to retain them.

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