Success Stories

Outsourcing industry thrives on the price advantage and brings excellent talent to the marketplace only allowing the companies to benefit from the pool of resources. Outsourcing, as a concept, has unequivocal merits in the favour; still it may bring apprehensions and can deter organizations from participating into exchange of ideas with companies which are miles apart.

Sometimes it is the first delivery that breaks the ice, sometimes responsiveness that results into creating faith and eventually nurturing partnerships, and other times it is the innovation itself that makes an impact. Whatever the reason is, we believe in the Outsourcing Industry and, in good faith, presents a few of our success stories where the privileged customers trusted us in a flat world.

Equity Research Firm looks for Outsourcing Support

Martha owns a successful boutique consulting firm with offering advisory services to global investment banks in Australia and Europe. Her panache as a consultant is high-touch and enjoys strong and trusted relationships by placing his client's interests first and foremost.

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A Booming Online-Retail Business saves Inventory Cost

Gill launched an online clothing business in 2008 and convinces retailers to put his high-range items on the shelf. Having a never-before-seen concept that is perfect for all celebrations, customers fell in love with his products at the first sight. Retail sales begin and Gill starts to build online presence on the internet using Facebook as the only channel of marketing.

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"Started with one assignment, they satisfy all my analytics needs. Good quality, cost effective - Our godsend analysis partner we much needed."

Director, E-commerce company, UK