Case Studies

Key Driver Analysis: Digital Consumer Electronics

Identify and measure key drivers of customer behavior impacting the user satisfaction for a Digital Electronics device. A mid sized market research consulting company is looking to go beyond the standard pieces of analyses to distinguish what really are the key factors causing satisfaction in usage amongst the consumers of a digital electronics product.

The product is a uniquely positioned item that has been attacked by similar products over the past few years, but has retained its charm amongst the customers due to brand recall and looks. Despite some seasonal drop in the sales, this has largely remained the company’s star product with capturing top position in the competitive landscape.

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Predictive Analytics Scorecard: Telecom Collections

Identify the Risk behavior of customers who are likely to default within the next six month period of coming into Collections. Analyze using a segmented approach by forming sub populations within the customer universe. One of the top telecom services provider of U.S. facing challenges in collection of payments with high default rates. Customers are defaulting leading to high delinquent payments that needs to be taken care by the service provider.

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Inventory Management: Demand Forecasting

Build a Forecasting model to predict the monthly demand levels for each of the sales channels across all geographies. A multinational retailer has more than two hundred products in offer to cater the many consumer segments in three continents. The product line consists of innovative dressing wears which are targeted as the ultimate brands for partying and celebrations. These style icons, popular mostly amongst the kids and the young, have seen a phenomenal rise in the global demand giving rise to a meteoric growth in the company's revenues since past five years of inception.

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Significance Testing : Automating P-Tests

Conducting the hypothesis significance testing of responses obtained against 7 questions & 14 attributes from a mobile survey conducted for three countries. The total number of tests required to be done exceeds count of 4500. A prominent market research organization is working on collecting & analyzing data of a large customer survey for a top dining restaurant chain in U.S. The Restaurant Group has added new items in the menu and wants to test the effectiveness of the change by measuring customer responses on a variety of attributes obtained from a large-scale mobile survey.

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Equity Research: Mining

To forecast the financial statements and perform valuation analysis of a mining company based out of Australia. Our client is a ASX-listed mineral exploration company focused on the development of its iron ore assets. One of the major challenges in this exercise is to examine the presence of unexplored resources in the surrounding region likely to possess high economic value. As the iron ore prices are highly volatile, it is difficult to forecast short and long term DMTU prices of magnetite and hematite ores. And our approach is to analyze, in detail, the global market price trends for each of the ores to ensure that ample business opportunities are available for the growth of the business.

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Intensity Optimization: Recovery Processes

Design & validate optimal strategies using optimal usages of customer segmented treatment channels in customer retention services. A large BPO company caters to the banking and industry sectors with its collections and recovery campaigns that has country wide reputation. The company bagged a recovery portfolio from an insurance major and the insurance company gave a clear mandate to focus on generating more revenue than the number of recoveries using a revenue-shared business model. We approached through Data Preparation for Data Modeling, predictive model and intensity optimization.

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