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Social Media Analytics

The high penetration of Internet has created new channels and tremendous opportunities for companies to reach out to customers, advertise products and transact business. In this well-established business model, companies fully control their own Web-based reputation via the content appearing on their Web sites. Increasingly, the focal point of discussion of all aspects of a company's product portfolio is moving from individual company Web sites to collaborative sites, blogs and forums - collectively known as social media.

With the increased attention to social media marketing, it became imperative for marketing managers to adopt meaningful ways to engage with the customers through various social media channels. However, marketers must manage their strategy and investments in social media based on measurable outcomes and in the context of broader, multichannel marketing efforts.

White Capers helps marketers to measure the impact of social media on business. We enable marketers to directly measure their social media efforts, and understand how conversations on social networks and online communities influence marketing performance. We listen to the data, analyse meaningful patters and help you understand your customer sentiments with our high quality Social Medial Analytics solutions.

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Extracts Sentiments: Understand how customers feel, why they feel the way they do, and the intensity of their feelings. Detect the sentiment of comments and proactively alerts or responds to negative content or complaints to avoid brand damage.

Identify Potential Consumer Trends: Identifies issues, opportunities, and customer concerns well before they become a noticeable trend to enable marketers to adjust strategies and react to opportunities in real time.

Bring social media into the marketing mix: Remove social media from isolation and make it both a component of your marketing mix and a valuable input to making your marketing efforts more relevant and effective at driving business results across all online channels: email, websites, mobile devices, and display ads.

White Capers can help you protect brand reputation, increases consumer confidence by identifying issues in real time before they escalate and increases customer engagement by identifying the most critical conversations. Our solutions are customized to suit your needs and focus directly on increasing revenue by proactively addressing emerging patterns impacting business and capitalizing on opportunities before competitors. Some of the analyses include-

Key voices: Identify the key voices related to your brand and competitors. Understand their effective reach, attitudes, and potential to influence your business.

Share of voice: Discover the conversations that matter most to you and your customers to inform campaign strategy, effective marketing investments, and messaging.

Social platforms and key keywords: Identify the relevant and meaningful volume of conversations online, and the topics and themes discussed most frequently. Use this insight to inform engagement strategies and media buying decisions.

Social channel referrers: Evaluate social platforms beyond the number of mentions and sentiment, and understand how they drive referrals, conversions, and revenue.

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