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Outsourcing Data Analytics & Statistical Modeling Services

White Capers offers excellent capabilities in the area of Data Analysis & Statistical Modeling to all businesses who want to outsource and take advantage of their data in predicting future projections of revenues and customers behaviours. Our team comprises of individuals from ivy-league individuals who have tremendous experience in executing multi-geography assignments in customer segmentation and targeted marketing and have successfully executed many projects as on-site and off-site partners for outsourcing Data Analysis services.

The Statistical Modeling and Customer Segmentation solutions bring new levels of insights to the businesses and their customers who are already taking benefit from the reporting solutions. The focus shifts from asking "Who are my customers" to "Who are my most profitable customers and how should I retain them?". Popularly known as 'higher level insights', the knowledge that comes from understanding customer dynamics through clustering & segmentation algorithms helps the businesses in making marketing decisions that are built on facts and numbers.

As these projects involve usage of many techniques from data mining to data modeling, the advantage of outsourcing Data Analysis to White Capers allow the organizations to fully utilize, in a cost-effective way, the simulations and scenario-building cases that statisticians and technology champions consider to offer. And it is only a fully optimized solution, reflecting management's vision carried by statistical principles, which makes most of the impact.

Some of the most popular solutions that White Capers have to offer in the area of Outsourcing Data Analysis & Modeling are:

Sl. No. Solutions in Data Analytics Business Problem Solved
1 Response Modeling Analytics for Direct Marketing Save costs on those who won't respond
2 Uplift Response Modeling Analytics Save costs on those who'd respond anyway
3 Churn Modeling Generate profits on those planning to leave
4 Early Detection Risk modeling Save costs on future "loss customers"
5 Fraud Detection Analytics Save revenues from future thieves
6 Call Centre Analytics/Customer Service Prediction Allocate customer care resources to VIPs
7 Online Prediction - Ad Bounce Rate Don't pay for clicks that will bounce
8 Attrition Modeling in Human Resource Save costs on avoiding 'lossy' hires
9 Sales Channel Optimization Save costs on Operations
10 Collection & Recovery Models Generate Revenues by Identifying Saints in Thieves
11 Customer Acquisition Models Save costs by seeing the future

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