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Campaign Measurement Analytics

Campaign Measurement Analytics in simple words is the procedure of evaluating the efficiency of marketing campaigns through the persistent and analytical examination of campaign success metrics.

Marketing has developed over the past few years from fundamentally innovative domain inspect as a cost center, to a highly systematic, accountable area that can be noticed as an essential revenue generator. Presently most of the marketers do not have the advantage of arranging interactive marketing campaigns without any idea about conclusions or a perspective that marketing activities cannot be evaluated. Due to continuous high pressure from all the leading executive management and boards and origin of new tools and techniques has made marketing analytics more approachable. It has developed a culture of answer-ability for the marketing field with a concentration on explaining marketing allocation and headcount.

Marketers generally use an assortment of tools in order to campaign measurement. However which tool should be used to examine campaigns and marketing ROI varies largely on particularly marketing mix model. There are numerous tactics such as search marketing and various events varies to email marketing campaigns and direct mail, which are used by numerous marketers to drive away the lead generation. Nevertheless using a tool totally depends on the company's business approach and goals.

The best methods to measure Campaign Analytics are:

1. Test and Control Groups

Test and Control Groups is considered as the best and the most accurate method to evaluate the true effect of a particular marketing program. This method is used to examine the effectiveness of particular action taken against a well-proportioned control group by analysing two different groups’ consequences. For this method, you have to plan your programs to be verifiable from the get-go.

With Test and Control Groups method, you can almost test everything but it is expensive to use it. You can test everything including the below mentioned points:

  • Programs and tactics - It will test program and its tactics. And it will also examine whether a particular webinar has an impact on audience or not
  • Messages - It would show which of your message or copy oscillates the most with potential audience
  • Contact frequency - It will count or estimate, how frequently should you need to send an email
  • Spending levels - Test your expenditure on display advertising

2.Full Market Mix Modeling

Market Mix Modeling (MMM) demonstrates how total sales volume results vary on numerous liberated marketing touches and other non-marketing aspects by using statistical trends and techniques like regression. Presently, only 3% of B2B marketers use this kind of model to evaluate marketing ROI.

This method is considered as an accurate technique and need lots of data but it can be costly to assemble all the essential historical data. Full Market Mix Modeling gives proper information into program efficacy and performance. It concentrates more on short-term sales changes which can easily underestimate long-term brand building actions. It is important to go through the detailed information of marketing mix models including essential factors involving in it. These factors include Pricing, Promotion/advertising, Product, Place, Distribution, Sales, Competitive moves, economy and many more.


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