Engagement Model

Engagement Model - Outsourcing Services

India has made its mark on the global scene for being a 'cost-effective' business centre. Many organizations want to take advantage of the low-cost workforce that comes from arbitrage in a globalized world. Various companies in the outsourcing industry today focus on the delivery aspect as they believe that the company's needs are fully satisfied by providing them procurement solutions of good and services. However, like a living organism, an organization has challenges to overcome to suit their own customers. With the many battles that an organization engages in to carve its mark on the global footing, it is in the best interest of an outsourcing company to understand the customer's business from a bigger perspective and attend to the demands of deliveries beyond the insignia of mere count of deliverables.

At White Capers, we partner our customers' challenges so that we can help them best grow their businesses. Going beyond the cost-advantage factor of the Outsourcing phenomenon, we unlock the full potential by eliminating the boundaries of communication, time-zones, and quality by promoting the two-tier approach to Outsourcing Analytics & Research Services:

  • Quality: Robesrt Pirsig has mentioned - 'Quality cannot be broken down into subjects and predicates not because it is mysterious but because Quality is so simple, immediate and direct'. At White Capers, we understand it so much that all our deliveries are properly soaked in necessary stages of brainstorming, planning, communicating, and execution. We want to make sure that our customers receive the improvised services with the feeling that they are getting the best possible solutions to their needs. And we do it in the manner that suits the soul of our customer's business.
  • Simplified: A synonym for peace of mind for our customers. We simplify the whole Outsourcing process of our various Research & Data Analytics services such that our customers are comfortable first and foremost. We staff our best resources in a way that enables our customers have more faith in the engagement, we make project calls at time that suits them the most, we achieve milestones as per the plan and keep our customers informed at all stages, and we accommodate to our best capabilities when requirements evolve with time. We understand your business needs and that is why we want to keep you satisfied at all levels of engagement.

The only way to feel the difference is to give a chance to us to serve you. We understand the apprehensions involved in doing data business with an overseas company. To put things at ease, right from day one of the business enquiry, we assign a dedicated engagement manager who specializes in understanding customer's requirements and demonstrating proof of concepts.

Our Engagement Manager remains fully involved in the various stages of the project thus making sure that both the parties (customer and consultant) understand the business need and agree to the offered solution that will meet the objective well. Furthermore, once the project begins, the engagement manager acts as a bridge between the technical resource and the customer herself to update on the developments and maintain clarity of expectations involved. The process itself makes sure that the customer is well informed at every stage of the business to give her the advantage of attending better priorities at work.

Engagement Manager

Illustration: Our Engagement Manager communicates with the Customer at every stage of the Relationship

We will be more than happy to provide references of work. Please allow us to give you the advantage of the Outsourcing phenomenon that had made the world a happier place to do business.


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