White Capers is sensitive to the needs of the customers and presents viable options to choose from the menu of engagement mechanisms. While the needs of the working arrangements vary with each opportunity, some being hourly-based while others being project-based, we allow our business customers to make payment choices that suit them the most.

In order to spell success working collaboratively with the business managers, we simplify costing mechanisms that enable businesses to trust their Outsourcing partners in India. Every time we begin initial discussions of a project staffing engagement, we deeply analyse the efforts involved and present the estimations of costs with high level of detailing. Over the years of working, our real-time efforts have come out to be truer to their expected estimates predicted at the beginning of the engagements.

Costing Mechanisms:

  • Per Hour Resource Billing: Excellent for scenario where the tasks involved can be fully broken down further into sub routines. Customers requesting work in Data Entry, Data Management, & Data presentation services prefer this arrangement.
  • Analyst Hiring on a Monthly Basis: Very useful in engagements where customers are looking for a bundle of services and add-ons work requests are expected to be included, on an ad-hoc basis, as a part of the project requirement. Services catering to the higher spectrum of the knowledge industry make the most benefit from this mechanism.
  • Per-Project Billing: Customers prefer this model when the goals and milestones of a project are fully understood before beginning the engagement. Is also very useful to cater work requirements that involve a team of resources working with varying capacities and efforts.

Our prior working engagements in the fields of Financial Research & Data Analytics have proved to be very successful in providing high value to our customers. We feel proud to provide a world-class quality in our deliveries yet offer competitive prices only to enable business reap maximum benefit from the fascinating world of the Outsourcing Industry.

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"Started with one assignment, they satisfy all my analytics needs. Good quality, cost effective - Our godsend analysis partner we much needed."

Director, E-commerce company, UK