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White Capers takes joy in stepping up to the role of mentorship to professionals and students who pursue their fascination with Data Analytics & Financial Services industry. We ourselves have been fortunate enough to have wonderful industry veterans as our mentors who have blessed us all along our journey and, hence, we take it as our responsibility to give back to our society. India has risen to the world as the leader in the Knowledge Industry and professionals are willing to take up suitable roles to create better careers for themselves.

Individuals and Institutions approach us to give lessons on the myriad range of topics that constitute our industry. We have been invited by Science Colleges, Engineering Institiutions and MBA colleges to present our case studies on service areas like Demand Forecasting, Predictive Modeling, Historical Data Analysis. Cluster Analysis, Customer Analytics, Cross-Tab, usage of SAS SPSS & R programming in Data Analytics, etc.

White Capers Consultants Community
It was indeed a great experience, having you both at EMPI. The session was greatly appreciated by our Students and a few of them have already written in to me, about working on real-life problems. We look forward to inviting you over again and to work with you guys as well.
EMPI Business School, New Delhi
Seminar on Data Analytics, 2011
Thank you Gaurav & Hemant for conducting such a comprehensive workshop on the Predictive Aspects of the Data Analytics world. We look forward to having more of such engaging sessions in the future.
Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi
Conference - Emerging Trends in the Service Industry, 2012


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Director, E-commerce company, UK