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Quantitative Analysis

Equipped with a team of MBAs, CAs, CFAs, and PhDs with decades of industry specific consulting experience, White Capers is a leading third-party Quant and Strategy services provider to top notch investment banks, financial institutions, and private equity players on both buy side and sell side transactions.

With a vision to provide high quality services, the analysts at White Capers bring tremendous amount of knowledge and leadership benefits to the clients that extend beyond mere cost savings advantages.

Quantitative Financial Analytics Services:

Analysis of financial statements:

Financial analysis is the key service for any financial companies. It is the integration & analysis of information stored in financial systems & other critical data sources across the organization.

White Capers assists you with in-depth financial analyses that include Financial Forecasts & Projections, Payroll Tax Reconciliation, Bank and lending Institutions Compliance, Cash Flow Statement Analysis, Project and Job Costing Analysis, Business Valuations, Business Planning Modeling and Analysis, Financing Alternatives Identification etc.

DCF Analysis:

The DCF is arguably the most sound method of valuation. The DCF method is forward-looking and depends more future expectations rather than historical results.

We help clients in performing DCF valuations by projecting free cash flow over the horizon period, calculating the terminal value at the end of that period, and discounting the projected FCFs and terminal value using the discount rate to arrive at the NPV of the total expected cash flows of the business or asset.

WACC Analysis:

A firm uses capital in order to grow by buying assets, inventory, and research & development. This capital comes with a cost, whether explicit (interest paid on debt) or implicit (the return expected by equity holders). It is, hence, very important for companies to correctly calculate the cost associated with a capital in order to fairly value the meaningful investment decisions.

White Capers conducts a thorough analysis of the company's cost of capital and considers each of the capital sources namely: common equity, preferred equity, straight debt, convertible debt, exchangeable debt, warrants etc. Further, each category of capital is proportionately weighted and WACC is calculated by multiplying the cost of each source of capital for a project.

Sensitivity Analysis:

Sensitivity analysis helps a business estimate what will happen to the project if the assumptions and estimates turn out to be unreliable. We work on various what-if scenarios involving changes in the assumptions or estimates in a calculation to see the impact on the key financial parameters such as EBITDA, P/E, and share value etc. It helps in testing the project cash flow sensitivity to alternative plans, attendance projections (forecasts) and operating strategies.

Internal Rate of Return Analysis:

In order to make best investment decisions, it is important to correctly understand the returns they can deliver. IRR, hence, can be used to rank several prospective projects a firm is considering for investment. We work on different investment alternatives with an approach to weighing the magnitude and timing of cash flow returns against the magnitude and timing of cash flow costs.

Financial Ratio Analysis:

Financial ratio analysis is a vital apparatus for the interpretation of financial statements. With an in-depth and concise ration analysis, White Capers enables a business owner or the manager to spot trends in business and to compare the performance and condition of the business with the average performance of similar businesses in similar industries.

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