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Healthcare & Pharma: Sales Force Effectiveness


Physician profiling is an excellent way of identifying preferences of physicians in their inclination towards methods of drugs and their types. Theses tendencies of the physicians towards drug dosages and their potential of patients (children, adults, old) help pharmaceutical companies to quantify their marketing efforts to create optimized sales efforts.


Sales forecasting is the key to measure expected future sales trends in multiple geographies using the latest industry dynamics, market trends, and business know-how. The historical data driven approach is married with the current market situations along with the economic factors prevalent to estimate forecasts in demand that is close to the actuals.

Segmentation & targeting:

Drug companies spend tremendous efforts in marketing across the spectrum of prescribers who themselves are knowledge champions i.e. physicians. Collecting physician attributes and clustering the physicians based upon their likelihood of prescribing a drug helps the marketing team to make a focussed effort that brings a maximum impact. Done on a macro level, it gives way for the strategy team to measure and allot efforts on various sales territories.

Call Planning:

A micro level activity, Call planning converts the territory level marketing strategy to a physician level detailing plan. Using business know-how and statistical techniques, an optimal target plan is achieved through successive iterations of strategies. The output is a call plan for every rep that gives information about the physicians, number of products to be detailed, detailing order and detail time.

Dashboards and Reporting:

A management information system allows executives and other stakeholders to define targets and monitor progress of different performance indicators. Our automated dashboards give the ability to identify trends and areas of business opportunities and to make more informed decisions based on collected business intelligence.

Samples Optimization:

We help clients optimize the number of samples of a drug given to the physicians for promotion purposes. Our analyses on preserving critical prescriptions while minimizing the cost of sampling allow the stakeholders to identify the core customer segments and the future demand patterns.

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