Success Story

A Booming Online-Retail Business saves Inventory Cost

Gill launched an online clothing business in 2008 and convinces retailers to put his high-range items on the shelf. Having a never-before-seen concept that is perfect for all celebrations, customers fell in love with his products at the first sight. Retail sales begin and Gill starts to build online presence on the internet using Facebook as the only channel of marketing. He focuses on innovation to target specific segments of customers and launches four new products in 2010. His brand becomes a religion, online sales begin to skyrocket, and Gill expands his team to manage five new product lines.

With a phenomenal expansion rate, the company starts to face serious problems related to Inventory Management and Demand Forecasting. Either the products are consumed too soon - leading to immediate refill orders and consuming heavy freight charges. Or they pick sales much later than anticipated while new designs are launched into production. Adding to complexity are the many add-ons and low-ticket products that need a good tracking system to work across all geographies.

Gill needs a highly capable team of statistical analysts that can deep dive into the data and forecast expected revenues for the forthcoming months to an exceptional degree of accuracy. Furthermore, the analyses should be packaged into an automated inventory management system capable to exhibit multiple scenario of a sales cycle to an aggregated dollar value.

White Capers employs one project manager along with a statistician and two analysts. Team displays statistical prowess by building conceptual channels of data related frameworks that are based on real time events. After a three month analysis, developing iterative inventory forecasting models, White Capers delivers a customized solution to predict number of monthly orders for each store. The solution is applied to three geographies on a test basis for two months after which is implemented across all geographies. Our analyses save him thousands of dollars by second quarter and we are asked to hire one full-time virtual analyst to support his business. Meanwhile, we deliver solutions in Finance Management, prediction of online sales through Facebook, weekly sales tracker, and a consolidated Data Bible.

Gill is a successful entrepreneur in 2012 and is aiming to start his second business. We remain his preferred outsourced vendor for all Data Analytics needs.


"Started with one assignment, they satisfy all my analytics needs. Good quality, cost effective - Our godsend analysis partner we much needed."

Director, E-commerce company, UK